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UC Davis Natural Reserve System

UC Davis Natural Reserve System

UC Davis Natural Reserve System manages five of the 36 reserves that comprise the largest and most diverse set of university-owned and operated reserves in the world. These reserves include examples of nearly every major ecosystem in the state. They provide secure sites for research, instruction, and public outreach.[ More ]

Bodega Marine
Jepson Prairie
Quail Ridge

News and Features

Researchers taking a break

Funding Sought for Gray Fox Climate Change Study

Senior Conservation Biology student is raising funds for tracking Grey Foxes through the use of Crowdfunding site He is raising funds to help develop a model of fox movement and behavior to learn how ranges are shifting in response to climate change. For more information or to donate go to

Juvenile California Tiger Salamander

Terrestrial habitat use in the endangered California Tiger Salamander

Key insights from Jepson Prairie of their aquatic and terrestrial ecology, from population studies ...


Layout of the Quail Ridge Wireless Mesh System

Wireless Mesh Networks

At the Quail Ridge Reserve, the most extensive wildland wireless mesh network in the world has been created to study ...


A male rufous Hummingbird in hand.

Population health and conservation genetics of hummingbirds.

Tiny, fast, and threatened. What do we know about hummingbirds? From DNA analysis, we ...