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McLaughlin Natural Reserve


If you would like to use the Reserve for something other than Research or Education, you're probably thinking of a use such as a field trip, a conference, symposium, academic meeting, or retreat you would like to hold at the Reserve, or other possible uses.  If you have not already done so, discuss with the Resident Directors your proposed use of the Reserve to make sure it is compatible with the operation and mission of the Reserve.

  1. Submit an online NRS "Other" Use application. A separate application must be submitted for each project/event (e.g., a field trip in January, a board member retreat in February, etc).  Applications will be evaluated using the following considerations: compatibility of proposed visit with Reserve goals; potential impacts to natural systems; potential impacts to present or future long-term use of reserve for research or instructional purposes; potential conflicts with ongoing research or instructional programs; space conflicts at the field station/reserve; availability of alternative sites. Your application will be evaluated quickly so that you can plan your visit.

  2. Notify reserve staff of your first visit to the Reserve and of each subsequent visit.  Each time you or a member or your group comes to the Reserve on an approved activity, you or that person must inform Reserve staff of that visit.  This can be done by email or phone, preferably at least 3 days before the visit.
  3. All people coming to the Reserve must fill out and return a UC liability waiver prior to visiting the reserve unless they are UC students or employees.  A parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver for minors.

    It is the responsibility of the group leader (the person who submits the application) to find out who in their group must sign a waiver and to insure that they are on-file with the Reserve Managers prior to the proposed visit.  PLEASE read the instructions for waivers on the Visitor Information page if you've not already done so or if you need a refresher. 

    Waivers are available here or from reserve staff.

  4. The group leader is responsible for providing the name of each person in the group and their status (leader, participant, faculty, student, etc).  This information can be provided as a list to the Resident Directors.  If members of your group will be arriving or departing at different schedules, it is the responsibility of the group leader to provide accurate information on who is in the group each day and for each overnight stay.  If you would like a "group tracking sheet" to make the above task easier, ask Cathy or Paul for one.

  5. The group leader is responsible for making sure each participant is aware of the reserve policies and guidelines listed on the application, on the Visitor Information webpage and its respective links, and in any materials provided to the leader/group by Reserve staff.
  6. Collecting of any materials or handling of any animals is permitted only with the express permission of the Resident Directors, appropriate collecting permits from state and federal agencies, and strict compliance with the UCD Animal Care Council. Any trapping and handling of vertebrates requires previous approval of the UCD Animal Care Council and the Resident Directors. Copies of all applicable permits and approvals must be provided to the Resident Directors prior to commensing with your activities on the Reserve.