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McLaughlin Natural Reserve


This explains the status information we require for each person coming to the Reserve. Please inform us of the following:

  1. The first and last name of each person (and gender, if it's not obvious, should you need overnight use of the facilities)

  2. Which of the following categories the person belongs (Please Note: if the person is assisting you with your project, but falls within one of the other student/researcher categories, their status is as student/researcher and not as research assistant):

    • Faculty
    • Research Scientist (postdoc or non-university researcher)
    • Graduate Student
    • Undergraduate Student
    • Hired Research Assistant (i.e. not a student, postdoc, or faculty)
    • Non-hired Research Assistant (eg. a friend helping you out)
    • Other (eg. a family member not helping you with the research)

  3. The institution (if applicable) with which the person is associated (eg. UC Berkeley; United States Department of Agriculture; Calfornia State University, Chico; Smithsonian Institute; etc.)

Please remember that each person accompanying you must read and complete a waiver before coming to the Reserve unless they are UC staff / student.  It is up to the group or project leader to ensure that all personnel are familiar with all policy and rules found on the Visitor Information  webpage and its respective links.