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McLaughlin Natural Reserve


The McLaughlin Mine site began environmental monitoring in 1981. There exists up to 20 years of quantitive data on meteorology (4 stations and >25 parameters), air quality (7 stations and >40 parameters), surface water quality (20 stations and >80 parameters), ground water quality (23 stations and >75 parameters), and aquatic ecology (19 stations and >40 parameters). Other, less extensive and less quantitative data sets include results of sensitive plant monitoring, and records of wildlife surveys. In addition, the McLaughlin mine maintains an extensive archive of geological, geophysical and geotechnical data related to the exploration and exploitation of the McLaughlin gold orebody.

Some of the quantitative data available in the McLaughlin Reserve database are already in electronic format. These include meteorological data and air quality data.  Other data are presently only available in hardcopy, including surface and ground water data and aquatic ecology data.  These are presently being entered into electronic format.

Researchers are required to register their datasets. This entails listing the metadata of their project. The metadata catalogue for on-going and completed projects is available.

For more information on McLaughlin data please contact reserve staff.