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McLaughlin Natural Reserve



Weather forecast, current weather conditions, and three-day climate data:
This link is the National Weather Service's 5-day and extended forecast specifically for the reserve. It is the best forecast for this location that is available, and is quite reliable. Specific information on recent weather data for the McLaughlin area can be found by clicking on "Knoxville Creek" under the "More Local Wx" link. The “Knoxville Creek” climate data come from the Knoxville Creek Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS), which is located on the reserve on a hill above the Core Shed. The station is actually located along Hunting Creek NOT Knoxville Creek. The RAWS station is maintained by the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, ID, and is serviced annually. Data are collected hourly via a satellite link.

Historical climate data:

The Knoxville Creek (see above) RAWS station has operated continuously since May 1985. The official repository for the Knoxville Creek RAWS data is the Western Regional Climate Center in Reno, NV.  You can access the archived data at the following location:

Experiment with the data display options, but you will probably find the following two options most useful:

  1. "Monthly summary time series" provides monthly totals or means (as appropriate) for the parameters and time period you chose. You can copy the data and paste them into a spread sheet.
  2. "Daily summary time series" to get daily totals/means for your time period of interest.

The raw hourly data are available through the Data Lister option. The Data Lister requires an access code. Contact the reserve directors at to access these data.

The reserve has a second weather station with historical data. This station is located on the shop/warehouse building adjacent to the field station. Temperature/humidity and wind data have been collected since September 2000, but precipitation data does not start until October 15, 2002. Data for this station are archived by the Western Weather Group and are available at the following location:

The station name is "Morgan Valley. "  You can retrieve daily summaries or hourly data one month at a time.