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McLaughlin Natural Reserve



Anyone who is considering using the reserve for any reason needs to first contact the Resident Directors via e-mail or phone to discuss the feasibility of the planned use and to arrange an introductory visit. It is standard for Reserve staff to take first-time visitors on an orientation tour of the Reserve, so please plan for your visit to include about 3 hours for this tour. Once you've arranged your visit, make sure to complete a liability waiver.

Please do not just "show up" at the Reserve or email us that you are coming at a particular time without having arranged a meeting time with us.  For many reasons, you must arrange with the Resident Directors to visit at a time that is agreeable to both Reserve staff and yourself.  In order to help you plan your trip, we have provided directions to the Reserve headquarters from Davis, Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Marin/Sonoma Counties.  If you need directions from elsewhere, or the above directions in a different format,  please let us know.