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McLaughlin Natural Reserve



  1. Before visiting the reserve for the first time, all persons except for University of California faculty, staff, or students must read and sign the NRS Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement, available below or from the reserve staff. These waivers may not be altered and electronic signatures are not acceptable. Signed forms should be mailed to Reserve staff in advance of the visit, although with prior approval may be delivered to staff immediately upon arrival. A waiver must be complete by each person once a year. 
  3. All minors (i.e. children under the age of 18) visiting the reserve must have the liability form signed by a parent or legal guardian, and this form must be provided to Reserve staff before the minor enters the Reserve. For classes visiting the reserve, it is imperative that these signatures be obtained and forms provided to the Directors by mail or personally before the class enters the Reserve. No minors will be allowed on the Reserve without a properly completed liability waiver.

Please be aware that access to a few specific locations on the reserve may require signing of an additional waiver from Homestake Mining Company of California. This will only be necessary if, together with the Resident Directors, you determine at a later date that you need to access those specific locations.

UC Release forms (need Adobe Acrobat to read)

if you have questions about these forms see reserve staff.

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