Claire Kremen, Conserving and Restoring Pollination Services in Northern California Honey Bee; Photo courtesy of Dr. Antonio J. Ferreira © California Academy of Sciences

We propose to develop and test restoration protocols aimed at maintaining populations of native bee pollinators across wild and agricultural landscapes in Northern California. We will use the information we gather at Quail Ridge in conjunction with other data to help us (1) develop and promote restoration of hedgerows and riparian buffers on private lands, and (2) promote restoration and conservation of natural habitat on private lands. We will stay mostly on and near main trails from the entrance of the reserve and inside as far as Decker Canyon. We will make observations of bees on native and exotic plant species, and collect a representative sample of unique bee species that we observe. Some plant samples may also be collected for identification purposes, and to obtain pollen samples.

Photo Credits: Title, Research, Treefrog (Mike Benard), Honey Bee (Dr. Antonio J. Ferreira)

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