The following is a list of current research activities at the reserve. For more information on a project follow the link associated with name of the highlighted researcher.

Mike Benard, Phenotypic plasticity, adaptation and population dynamics of Pacific Treefrogs (Pseudacris regilla).

Jennifer Burt, Mycorrhizal Greenhouse Experiment

Jeff Corbin, Geographical differences in water utilization by Nassella pulchra

Andrew Engilis, Jr., Avifaunal Diversity of Quail Ridge Reserve

Jennifer Hunter, Aposematic signaling in mammalian carnivores

Greg Kareofelas and Bill Patterson, Lepidopitera survey of Quail Ridge Reserve

Claire Kremen, Conserving and restoring pollination services in northern California

Stephanie Liese and Daniel Wu, Large scale wireless mesh network backbone to serve as a testbed for development and analysis and benefit on-site ecological research .

Karen Mabry, Dispersal and habitat selection behavior of brush mice

Jennifer McElwain, A CO2 partial pressure based paleoaltimeter using Quercus kelloggii and Quercus douglasii

Nathan Nieto, Survival of Ixodes pacificus at the Quail Ridge Reserve

Eric Seabloom, The role of seed limitation, resource competition, and community complementarity in invasions and restoration.

NRS, Weed distribution and success/failure of eradication efforts

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