Here is a partial list of research activities that have occured at the reserve. For more information on a project follow the link associated with name of the highlighted researcher.

Mike Benard, Phenotypic plasticity, adaptation and population dynamics of Pacific Treefrogs (Pseudacris regilla).

James Biardi, Biochemical defenses of ground squirrels to rattlesnake venom

Jeffrey Clary, Landscape-scale factors structuring distribution of native perennial grasses

Aaron J Corcoran, Bat species diversity survey

Charles Hohn and Sarah Ratay, Are roads corridors for exotic species? A case study from a peninsular natural reserve.

Doug Kelt, Sarah Joseph, and Jaime Hartman. Home range characteristics of Western Gray Squirrel

Theresa Krebs, Seasonal leaf gas exchange measurements of various oak species, to derive biophysical parameters. Measurements of photosynthesis.

Jennifer Lau, The herbivore-mediated indirect effects of an invasive plant species on a co-occurring native plant

Carolyn Malmstrom, The effects of barley yellow dwarf virus on introduced and native grass species in California and implications for restoration.

Mary Brooke McEachern, Social and Genetic Structure in a Dusky-footed Woodrats

Greg Pauly, Herpetofauna of California Inner Coast Range

Eric M Punkay, The role of wild turkeys in California oak woodlands in relation to native flora and fauna

Aaron Rundus, Infrared radiation as a new communicative modality by California ground squirrels during encounters with pit vipers.

Nathan Sanders, Determinants of ant species density

Mike Teglas, Coevolutionary relationships between Ixodes sp. tick and Anaplasma phagocytophiln

Rob Weiss, Collection of bryophytes and lichens

Louie Yang, Evolution and ecology of a wasp-mite symbiosis

Toshi M Yoshida, Invasion of Native California Grasslands into Exotic Stands of Annual Grasses

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