We are developing a wireless network on the reserve that will (1) serve as a testbed for wireless development and analysis; and (2) provide a communication network for measuring microclimate, visual, and acoustic data in real time. This communication system will provide data for researchers and classes and can be used to set up short- or long-term experiments. We invision this system's growth to include a more robost telemetry system in the future that will allow the monitoring of terrestrial mammals, as well as resident avian populations.

This system is possible through the collaboration of the UC Davis Natural Reserve System and Dr. Prasant Mohapatra of the Computer Science Department and the support of the Center for Enbedded Network Systems (CENS) and the Systemwide Natural Reserve System (NRS) with additional support from the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences. For the technical discussion of the communication system go to http://spirit.cs.ucdavis.edu/quailridge/index.html.

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Far Pond
Far Hill
Fordyce Repeater
Fordyce Pond
BLM Ridge Burn
DFG Hill
Dan's Repeater
Decker Bouy
Dan's Pond
Decker Pond
Field Station

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