Virginia (Shorty) Boucher and Susan Harrison provided the initial impetus for this project, courteously cajoling Doug Kelt into sponsoring the class and coordinating the contributions. Shane Waddell designed and put together the entire guide and mercilessly hounded contributers until they completed their text. He is also responsible for its transition to this website. The entire project is a product of the combined efforts of both graduate and undergraduate students, and UCD faculty members who donated their time and knowledge of this region; we heartily thank them all for their generosity.

Human History: Alyssa Nelson, Lenora Timm; Native Territories Map by Robert Thayer and Jacob Mann

Geology and Soils: Shorty Boucher, Kate Mawdsley, S. Reed, Eldredge Moores

Plant Communities: Shorty Boucher, M. Bibbo, J. Buck, D. Caterson, Ellen Dean. Manual of California Vegetation from Sawyer and Keeler-Wolf 1997. The plant list is based on collections by Ellen Dean and the UC Davis herbarium.

Arthropods: Susan Harrison, Phil Ward. The insect list is based on work done by Lynn Kimsey and the UC Davis Bohart Museum. The moth list and butterfly list are based on work done by Bill Patterson and Greg Kareofelas. The bee list is based on work done by Claire Kremen and Robbin Thorp.

Reptiles and Amphibians: Michael Benard, Patrick Huber, Vivian Nelson. The reptile and amphibian list was compiled by Mike Benard and Dan Tolson.

Birds: Laura Heiker, Andrew Engilis, Jr. The bird list was compiled by Andrew Engilis, Jr.

Mammals: Douglas A. Kelt, Karen Mabry, Jaime Hartman . The mammal list was compiled by Douglas A. Kelt, Karen Mabry, and Dan Tolson.

Maps were created or modified by Shane Waddell with the exception of Native Territories Map.

Overall revisions and edits: Michael Benard, Shorty Boucher, Susan Harrison, Doug Kelt, Kate Mawdsley and Shane Waddell.

Thanks to all that provided photos!

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