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Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve

Natural History

The term "natural history" describes both the processes that shape the natural world as well as a catalog of all that is in nature. Erosion, a very common geological process, is therefore as integral to the natural history of Cold Canyon as the huge numbers of plants and animals that have been identified in Cold Canyon thus far. Click on the images below for details about the different aspects of Cold Canyon's natural history. These sections provide general information on Cold Canyon's natural history.

Old Manhattan Mine retort with newer One Shot Mercury Mine retort, 1981.

Land Use - The history of humans in Cold Canyon.



Serpentine rock

Geology - The processes that influenced (and still influence) the formation of Cold Canyon.



Lupinus bicolor

Vegetation - The common types of vegetation in Cold Canyon, the places they occur, and the common plants that comprise them.


some butterfly.

invertebrates - The common invertebrates, including insects and other animals lacking backbones, living in Cold Canyon.



Birds - The birds living in Cold Canyon.





Mammals - The mammals living in Cold Canyon.







Reptiles & Amphibians - The reptiles and amphibians living in Cold Canyon.