UC Davis Natural Reserve System

The UC Natural Reserve System is the largest and most diverse set of university-owned and operated reserves in the world. Its 33 reserves include examples of nearly every major ecosystem in the state. These reserves provide secure sites for long-term environmental research, education and public outreach. They enable monitoring of environmental health, and provide a baseline for ecosystem restoration, in the context of California's rapidly growing population and the changing global environment.

Six reserves are administered by the Davis campus: Bodega Marine Reserve, Eagle Lake Field Station, Jepson Prairie Reserve, Donald and Sylvia McLaughlin Reserve, Quail Ridge Reserve and Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve. These reserves represent a wide variety of habitats in close proximity to the campus. For further information about the individual reserves and for applications for reserve use please see below.

Locations of UC Davis Natural Reserves
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Applications for Natural Reserve Use

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For further information regarding the UC Davis administered Natural Reserves please contact:
Virginia "Shorty" Boucher
John Muir Institute of the Environment
109 The Barn, University of California, Davis, CA 95616;
Phone: 530-752-6949
; email: vlboucher@ucdavis.edu