The Natural History section of this website was initially developed by a UCD class in the fall of 2004 - See Acknowledgements. The Natural History of the Quail Ridge Reserve, a small book was published in 2004 and is available at bookstores on campus and in Davis, and from the UCD Natural Reserve System office on campus.

The website is are designed to summarize what is known about the Reserve’s natural history - human history, geology, soils, and plant and animal communities - to provide potential users with baseline information to guide their planning for either instructional or research visits. Additionally, authors were asked to note areas or themes that present interesting or appropriate avenues for further investigations at the site. Quail Ridge is a well-preserved example of a once widespread landscape that has been largely altered by grazing, invasion, and outright destruction

Monticello Dam, NRS Archives

Human History
Alyssa Nelson
Lenora Timm


Laura Heiker
Andrew Engilis, Jr.

California Quail; Photo courtesy of Joyce Gross © 2003 Joyce Gross

Susan Harrison
Phil Ward


Shorty Boucher
M. Bibbo
J. Buck
D. Caterson
Ellen Dean

Ribes sp.; Photo by Dan Tolson
Rocks above Dam; Photo by Shane Waddell

Shorty Boucher
Kate Mawdsley
Sarah Reed


Doug Kelt
Karen Mabry
Jaime Hartman

Mule Deer; Photo by Mike Benard
Slump; Photo by Shane Waddell

Shorty Boucher
Kate Mawdsley
Sarah Reed


Reptiles & Amphibians
Mike Benard
Patrick Huber
Vivian Nelson

Pacific Treefrog; Photo by Mike Benard


Photo Credits: Title, Tomcat Clover (Ellen Dean), Human History (NRS Archive), California Quail (Joyce Gross), Arthropods (Mike Benard), Plants (Dan Tolson), Geology (Shane Waddell), Mammals (Mike Benard), Soils (Shane Waddell), Reptiles and Amphibians (Mike Benard). For more pictures see:

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