Doug Kelt, Sarah Joseph, and Jaime Hartman. Home range characteristics of Western Gray Squirrel

Western Gray Squirrels are a conspicuous and important member of west coast oak woodland communities. They also are an important game species. Yet little is known of their ecology. We intend to delineate home ranges for male and female squirrels during the spring. Home ranges will be characterized by size and shape, and compared statistically between sexes. In many species, males have substantially larger home ranges to provide access to multiple females. Females may or may not share home ranges, depending on resource needs. Additionally, we will determine which trees are used for nesting, and we will compare tree characteristics with those of random trees in the study area to determine what features are needed by squirrels for suitable nesting habitat.



Photo Credits: Title, Research (Mike Benard), Squirrel cage (Sarah Joseph)

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