Quail Ridge is conveniently located between Sacramento and San Francisco, about 1 hour from Sacramento and an hour and fifteen minutes from Berkeley, making it easily accessible for day trips from many colleges and universities in the area. Additionally, overnight facilities are available, primarily as campsites, with a kitchen and bathroom facilities. See Resources and Facilities

Detailed natural history information about the reserve, suitable for class use, is available on this website or in book form.

Class Application Information

Some of the classes that use the reserve include:

Field Methods in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology
California Floristics
Biological Conservation of Wild Birds
California Insect Diversity
Introduction to Field and Laboratory Methods in Ecology
Ecosystems in California

Class Resources:

Plant Specimens Database

Herp Board Info. Links to guide, maps, relevant literature and video montioring.

Photo Credits: Title, Class (Mike Benard)

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