Administering Campus: UC Davis

Established: 1991

Location: Napa County, on a southern peninsula of Lake Berryessa; half-hour drive from the Davis campus.

Latitude: 38°49'04" N

Longitude: 122°14'28" W

USGS Map: Lake Berryessa, Monticello Dam, Capell Valley, and Mt. Vaca 7.5'

Size: 784 ha (1,937 acres)

Elevation: 134 to 462 m (440 to 1,516 ft)

Average Precipitation: 62 cm (24 in) per year

Average Temperatures: January: 8°C (46°F), July: 28°C (82°F)
Summer max: 45°C (113°F), min: 4°C (39°F)
Winter min: -11°C (13°F), max: 27°C (81°F)

Topography: Rugged peninsula extending into major reservoir.

Geology: Terrain consists entirely of soils derived from Lower Cretaceous-Upper Jurassic marine mudstone, siltstone, sandstone, and conglomerate.

Habitats: Grasslands, savanna, oak woodlands, and chamise chaparral.

Species Diversity: Estimated 3,700 insect species; confirmed 22 amphibian/reptile species; 132 bird species; 18 mammal species.

Databases: Data from onsite weather station established January 2002. Species lists for vegetation, butterflies/moths, amphibians/reptiles, birds, and mammals. Some research data on frogs, woodrats, ticks, brush mice, and invasive grasses.

Facilities: Field station includes one bedroom, a laboratory/workspace, full kitchen, and bath. Camping areas available for class use.

Personnel: Roving staff of reserve manager and stewards; no permanent on-site personnel.

NRS Publications: Reserve brochure published 1993.

Contact Information
Virginia L. (“Shorty”) Boucher
Reserve Manager, UCD NRS
DESP / Wickson Hall
University of California
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: 530-752-6949
Fax: 530-752-3350

Photo Credits: Title, Newt (Karen Mabry)

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Contact: Dr. Virginia Boucher
John Muir Institute of the Environment
109 The Barn, University of California, Davis, CA 95616
Phone: 530-752-6949; email:

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