A fully equipped meteorological station records data at the field station. Click here to see the latest weather from the field station. We have several stations set up to record meteorological data in various microclimates around the Reserve. These will be online soon.

The climate at Quail Ridge is Mediterranean but is tempered by the presence of the reservoir. Annual precipitation at Markley Cove (located immediately east of QR) is 695 mm (27.4 inches) and is highly seasonal; 72% between November and February (and 92% of this falls between October and March). Temperatures are virtually the inverse of precipitatation. Mean monthly temperatures range from about 7.8° C (46° F) in December and January to 24° C (75° F) in July, but extremes may be more telling. Mean monthly minimum temperatures range from 2.2° C (36° F ) to 13.9° C (57° F), and mean monthly maxima range 12.8° C (55° F) to 33.9° C (93° F).

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