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UC Davis Natural Reserve System

UC Davis Natural Reserve System

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Jepson Docents answers questions about the wildflowers at Jepson Prairie Reserve.

Jepson Docents answers questions about the wildflowers at Jepson Prairie Reserve.

Teaching and research are the principal activities on NRS reserves, and these endeavors benefit the public indirectly. However, the NRS also serves the public directly by making its reserves and facilities available to government agencies, conservation groups, and other appropriate organizations and by collaborating with these entities to protect the state's natural resources.

NRS reserves help to preserve biodiversity and conserve genetic resources by protecting natural communities and rare, threatened, or endangered species for further study. NRS personnel provide technical consultation on such important community concerns as watershed protection, fire suppression, regional resource management, and potential land-use impacts.

While reserve use is by permission only and all uses of NRS reserves must be consistent with the university's teaching and research objectives, the NRS makes every effort to allow the general public to visit its reserves and learn of the work conducted there. The Jepson Prairie Reserve and Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve are exceptions in the reserve system in the fact that they are open to the public.

Programs have been developed specifically for the public at many of the reserves:

Bodega Marine Reserve offers public tours and seminars via the Bodega Marine Lab.

Jepson Prairie Reserve has an independent docent group that has led spring tours at the reserve for the last 25 years.

McLaughlin Natural Reserve provides a unique forum to interact with academics doing research on the reserve in its "Science as a Way of Knowing" public lecture series. There are also regular public hikes exploring the reserve and surrounding area.

Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve has an innovative Nature Outings Program created to teach land use and ethics by exploring the beauty and ecology of the reserve through diverse outings.

The Quail Ridge Reserve has very limited public access, but boat tours are available through the Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy.

For more information on outreach at the UC Davis reserves, please go to the Reserve Web site and/or contact the specific reserve's director.

For examples of some outreach programs at the reserves, Click here.